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The Tony Barlow Story... so far!!!

Tony Barlow
Tony Barlow
Derek Barlow
Derek Barlow

The Tony Barlow story began in 1969 when brothers Derek and Tony and a group of friends left Perth for a working holiday to London and Europe.

Tony and Derek began working for a high-end menswear group, Cecil Gee, in London’s Kings Road, Chelsea.

In 1971 Tony decided he wanted to return home to Perth with a plan to establish his own business and bring the latest London fashion to Australia. He opened his first tiny 30 Sq. shop in Perth’s Sherwood Court.

Derek decided to stay on and went to Rome and worked for 2 years modelling and a travelling the world with Brioni, a fashion icon of the times, and still is.

Tony Barlow Menswear expanded quickly and Derek returned from Rome and joined his brother in 1973.

Introducing Florsheim Shoes

In 1892 Florsheim Shoes started in a small factory in Chicago, Illinois. They have grown quite a bit since then and have gained a reputation for being at the forefront of the newest trends, while staying true to their legacy of classic styling and quality workmanship. From material selection to stitching, we pay attention to the smallest details.

By 1896, In an early example of brand-building years ahead of its time, the Florsheim name is added onto the pull strap and inside of every shoe to let consumers know that they are purchasing a "genuine Florsheim."

1917: Florsheim becomes one of the principal manufacturers and suppliers of boots to American soldiers fighting in World War I.

1926: Florsheim launches anew trend to appeal to an ever more style-conscious consumer and the nation’s first square- toed shoe appears in magazines.

1941: America enters World War II. Eager to do their part, Florsheim begins producing shoes for our troops. In fact, before long, half of all the shoes Florsheim makes go toward the US war effort.

Florsheim retail stores revolutionize the industry by bringing shoes out of the back rooms and into stores for customers to browse freely. This novel practice soon becomes the norm in shoe stores all across the country. And by 1966 a pair of Florsheim shoes sells every 4 seconds!

2017: To honour Florsheim's 125th anniversary, they created a limited edition collection of shoes to pay tribute to the Florsheim vintage styles that started it all. This collection honours Florsheim's humble beginning, and celebrates how far the brand has come through the re-imagination of five classic silhouettes.


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