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Take inspiration from these seriously stylish leading men
Some of the world’s most influential and stylish men continue to find their way into our wardrobe inspiration with trends as timeless as themselves.
Here are the fashion kings who have owned the past 70 years of style.

1950s: Elvis Presley

Relax, the King’s Vegas-styled jumpsuits aren’t what got him on this list. Instead it’s Elvis’ early clean-cut style that could still fly today.
Get the look: Popularised by Elvis in the 50s, a knit tie will never go out of style. The Beatles wore them when they got off the plane at JFK (black ones, with square-cut bottoms), and you can still buy any number of versions today.

1960s: Bob Dylan

Dylan’s ever changing style was one of discovery but the one staple that defines this legend as a style icon of the 1960s is his favourite accessory – those jet-black shades.
Get the look: You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers – they worked for Dylan then and they’re still working now for every band on the planet and every fashion-minded guy in town.

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1970s: Steve McQueen

McQueen was at his best when he looked like he’d just washed up on the beach. His rugged, dressed-down style— V-neck T-shirts, wrinkled cord shirts—perfectly complemented his dusty blond hair, blue eyes, and hard, almost weathered features.
Get the look: Channel this icon by keeping things simple – a perfect-fitting T-shirt will do just fine.

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1980s: Warren Beatty

The 80s were a decade of excess but while we’ve left the Miami Vice look back where it belongs, there are some looks that have stood the test of time. Warren Beatty – a Hollywood lothario since he hit the screen as a teen idol in the early 60s – loved an open-collar shirt worn under a hip-length jacket. It was a look that permeated many of his best on-screen roles
Get the look: Think classic white shirt and channel’s Beatty’s timeless style. Add a longer jacket for ultimate 80s Beatty style.

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1990s: Johnny Depp

Let’s face it, the man who dated some of the hottest 90s ‘It’ girls – Winona Ryder and Kate Moss among them – must have had something going for him. Depp’s eccentricities were evident even back then; he never ran with the crowd preferring instead to do it his own way.
Get the look: Customise your look to make it your own. Back in the day Depp loved rolled-up sleeves, accessories and beat-up boots instead of sneakers. Small moves like these separate you from the pack.

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2000s: George Clooney

The first Ocean’s film in 2001 cemented Clooney’s move from 1980s bit player to serious Hollywood style icon. His look was old-school polish, inspired by his Rat Pack predecessors and truly embodied by the dark charcoal suit.
Get the look: Go grey. Just be sure to keep your hair on the trim side and dress like a gentleman—not a frat boy.

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2010s: David Beckham

The father of four has gone through many style changes throughout his time in the limelight, and has inspired various fashion trends within the UK, Hollywood, and around the world. But a constant has always been Becks’ penchant for classic shapes and accessories.
Get the look: Keep things simple and classic. A tailored black or navy suit will take you anywhere while a classic grey t-shirt paired with jeans and a red check shirt looks effortlessly cool.

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