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Give your winter wardrobe a makeover with these hot tips for staying in style all season.
The cooler months are definitely upon us and while we don’t suffer through quite the same sub-zero temperatures as our northern hemisphere mates, the mornings and evenings certainly have a chill in the air.
Winter dressing – especially in Australia where daytime temperatures can range from the single digits through the mid 20s (sometimes in the same 24 hours) – is a skill so take the time to go through your wardrobe and follow these easy tips for effortless winter style.

Embrace layering

Given our rather temperate winter, chances are layering and a decent winter coat will be sufficient to get you through the season. Layers are perfect for winter and instantly create a seasonal look. Wear a sweater over a shirt to add interest to an outfit, or add an undershirt to keep away the chill. Layering is also a great opportunity to mix and match different textures to create an eye-catching outfit. A cashmere sweater over tweed pants is a simple way to achieve a winter look without too much effort.

Think about your footwear

Summer shoes just don’t cut in the winter rain so trade in your summer footwear for boots for best wear. Ankle-high footwear is a versatile addition to your winter closet and can be dressed up or down for the occasion. The Chelsea boot is still the boot to own, and pairs with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a suit. Invest in a cleaning kit to wipe off any residuals and to keep your shoes and new boots in tip-top condition. Don’t leave shoes outside and let wet shoes air dry. If it’s particularly cold remember to switch out light-weight cotton socks for wool ones.

Invest in a great leather jacket

Done right, leather jackets are one of the sexiest things a man can wear. You can’t have them tailored, so buy one that fits snugly (consider going down a size.) Make sure it hits at the waist, but avoid colors other than black, brown, or gray.

Mix things up

Most of us will have a couple of warm coats for when it get super cold – generally a puffer jacket for weekends and a tailored overcoat for work. Mix things up this season and try inverting the game by wearing your puffer over a suit to work. As for your overcoat, it shouldn’t retire: let it drape casually over your t-shirt and jeans while off-duty (extra points if the look is finished with trainers).

Don’t forget about accessories

Layer with scarves and beanies for ultimate warmth but ensure you stick to high quality materials and sensible colours/patterns (stay away from brights, Technicolor or silly motifs). To avoid over-dressing, limit your statement accessories to one or two items at any one time.

Don’t be a slave to the trends

Keep things classic, neutral and sophisticated and your winter wardrobe will last for years. Rely instead on accessories to add a trendy accent to your outfit. When shopping for staples though pick pieces that look good, are tailored, functional, and keep you warm.

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April 27, 2018 by Georgia Barlow