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Buy or rent your wedding suit in Brisbane from us. We provide skilled, friendly service to the groom and his groomsmen and will make everyone look spectacular. Collect your formal rental from our store.

The Benefits of a Made To Measure Wedding Suit

You want to feel and look fabulous in your wedding suit. We will tailor an existing pattern and available fabric choice to fit you perfectly.

  • A made to measure suit is any suit that has been modified to fit you and is not as expensive ? but almost impossible to differentiate from a bespoke outfit. You can be magnificent in a moderately priced but correctly tailored off-the-rack set of clothes.
  • The hem of your pants should merely brush the tops of your shoes, the shoulders of your jacket should be neither too tight nor sag past your natural shoulder line but hug the shoulders comfortably, the jacket sleeve should be a little shorter than your shirt sleeve, and the collar should fit your neck comfortably.
  • Have the waist taken in if you are slender, taper the trouser legs, and slim down the sleeves to extend the lines of your wedding suit and achieve a tailored silhouette.

Watch our self-measure video if you can’t come into our store for a fitting. Download, print, and complete the form on our site and email it to us so we can prepare a made to measure wedding suit for you, based on the correct dimensions.

Tips Regarding Your Choice of the Perfect Wedding Suit

Book your suit up to 12 months in advance and try it on before or at the time of collection to make sure that it fits correctly. We offer online group hire discounts on current and traditional trends in menswear.

  • Your choice of suit depends on whether you are having a formal or informal wedding, the season, the time of day, the size of the wedding, and the venue.
  • Morning dress is for very formal daytime weddings. It encompasses a morning coat – also known as a cutaway coat ? with a double-breasted waistcoat. The jacket is usually black, the trousers grey, and you can add a top hat for a very striking look.
  • The glamorous black dinner suit or tuxedo typically features satin on the pocket trim, buttons, the outside of the lapels, and frequently down the outside of the trouser leg. A cummerbund is generally worn with a tux and a waistcoat with a suit in Australia, though the convention is often passed over.

View our suits and tuxedos and choose from an extensive range of stylish, top-quality, off-the-rack options.

Why You Should Use Tony Barlow, Brisbane

Find the most up-to-date, select men’s fashion in Australia ? accompanied by the full range of accessories to make your ensemble all the more stylish – at affordable prices.

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