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Take stock of your collection to make sure you own these essential pieces.

We’ve all accumulated a wardrobe full of clothes over the years – but how much of it do you actually wear?
You probably have some favourite pieces and some you’d never let go. But chances are there are some things in there that rarely see the light of day.
Time for a wardrobe audit to see how many of these essentials you own and how many should be on your shopping list.
Here are the pieces no wardrobe should be without.

A couple of good suits

If you wear a suit every day, you should own at least two high quality ones. A navy and a charcoal suit will take you everywhere you need to go. Of course, two is not a limit – just a good base to build a full suit wardrobe.

Dress shirts

A white shirt is absolutely essential for when you need to look clean and pressed, while a pale blue option likely be the workhorse of your weekday wardrobe.

Cashmere sweater

Get one in a neutral colour that goes with your suits and shirts, like navy. If cashmere isn’t in your budget, cotton-cashmere offers many of the same benefits.

Brown dress shoes… and a belt that matches

Branch out to other colours and styles later, but for now get a brown shoe you can wear everywhere that will go with your suits. A matching belt is a must.

A good quality watch

A well-chosen watch can complete an outfit, and a suit without a watch is like a pair of pants without a belt. It needs it. If you’re in the market for a new timepiece, save your pennies and look for an expensive, impressive watch that can be both dressed up and dressed down.

A navy blazer

A blazer can class up any outfit that it matches. You’ll definitely wear it more than you think you might (or even more).

Polo shirt

Looks classier than a T-shirt, but is just as easy to wear.

Classic chinos

For that grey area of formality, chinos are perfect. Wear them with a polo for a casual look, or a button up and blazer to dress it up.

Dark denim jeans

You don’t have to be a fashion guru to appreciate the clean aesthetic of a dark denim. Dressed up or down, they’re always clean and a well-made pair will have your back in all casual environments for years to come.

Classic white tee

This one is non-negotiable. Even if you don’t see yourself as a type of guy that wears a t-shirt casually, some situations just call for being comfortable. And white is the most versatile colour there is.

Casual weekend sneakers

Sneakers are more acceptable in more places than ever before. Wear them all weekend, and give your dress shoes a rest.

A comfy hoodie

Everyld have a cosy old hoodie in his closet. Exclusively for those lazy laundry Sundays, the soft fleece is your reward for making it through another week of the suit and tie.

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January 24, 2018 by Georgia Barlow