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The best trackside tips you’ll get all season.
Racing season is here again – the thrill of the track, the chance to back a winner, and maybe enjoy a couple of glasses of bubbly while you’re at it. What could be more fun?
But let’s face it – racing season is all about the fashion and it’s not just the ladies who are allowed to have all the fun.
Men’s racewear is just as style-conscious and trend-driven as our female counterparts but there are a few points to remember to ensure you’re a winner in the style stakes.


Some racecourses have strict dress-code regulations, so check ahead of time to ensure you don’t end up standing out of the pack, for all the wrong reasons.
Racing season is your chance to make a statement trackside so skip past your usual office suit and go for something checks, stripes, pinstripes or even tartan if you’re feeling adventurous.
If you do choose a statement suit, make sure you keep your shirt and accessories as neutral as possible.
If you’re in doubt – go for a classic well-tailored three piece. It’s a nice way to take things up a notch – and keep out the autumn chill.

Inject some colour

Men’s racing style is a chance to show off your personal style so don’t feel you need to stick with navy blue, black or grey.
Although those shades are the classic colour choices for the season, try bringing in brighter shades of blues, beige, purples or emerald will give your look a fresh, modern twist.
If you want to stick with more neutral pants, add interest with a statement jacket in red, blue or even pink.
By pairing contrasting colours and patterns in your jacket, trousers, shirt, and accessories you will ensure you stand out in a sea of suits.

Accessories with attitude

Don’t be afraid to let your accessories do the talking – especially if you’ve opted for a more subtle style of suit.
Go bold with ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie pins and bow ties.
Novelty ties are (understandably) out of the question, but stylish patterns and prints can add a nice pop of colour to your look.
Gingham stripes and paisley are really big but keep in mind whatever you choose should still complement your overall look.
Socks are no longer essential in the Fashion on the Field guidelines, so if you want to show off your ankles with the cropped chino and loafer look, go for it.

Don’t forget the headwear

Relax – we don’t mean fascinators!
Hats are classic racewear and while baseball caps are strictly off limits, a quality trilby, fedora or even an old-fashioned flat cap can add a touch of class to your racing outfit.
While there are strict guides for ladies’ hats, men are not bound by such tradition. The rule of thumb is to match any hatband to your pocket square, bow tie or lapel flower to keep the overall ensemble in frame.

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February 15, 2018 by Georgia Barlow