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The only grooming tips you’ll ever need

Scrub up with these easy-to-follow hints so you’ll always look sharp

Lotions and potions aren’t just for your girlfriend. Take a cue from her collection and start looking after your skin. Confused? Check out our ultimate grooming guide for guys who want to scrub up.


We all know the importance of washing off the dirt and grime at the end of a long day but did you know using a scrub at least once a week will improve the feel of your skin and can also help you get a closer shave. Exfoliators or scrubs are basically textured face washes that contain particles or microbeads to help get rid of any dry, dead and rough skin. Get in the habit by using one twice during the week and your regular face wash every other day.

Find your signature scent

We get it – you don’t want people to smell you coming before they see you but finding an aftershave or cologne that becomes a subtle part of your overall presence is a great way to create an impression. Our tip is to get rid of those el cheapo chemist brands you receive from Aunty Sue each Christmas and find one or two designer scents you really like. If you don’t know where to start, head to your local department store and ask to sample a few scents from different fragrance families – go for a woody, spicy scent during the cooler months and a lighter, citrus scent during summer.

Shave like an expert

Whether you sport some facial fuzz or prefer the clean-shaven look, make sure you’re always well groomed by investing in a good quality beard trimmer or razor. Preparing your skin before shaving with a shave oil will help the razor glide over your hairs, while soaking the blades in warm water will help your pores expand, allowing the hair to come off your face with less redness and irritation.

Become a regular at your barber’s

Make a standing appointment at your barber – and stick to it. Don’t wait until your hair is curling around your collar to start thinking about a trim – pre-empt it and you’ll always look well groomed and in control. If you don’t have a regular barber, shop around until you find one you’re happy with and that you trust and lock in that regular (monthly should do it) appointment.


This might sound like an obvious one but by drenching your skin in moisturiser each morning you’re minimising wrinkles and ensuring a smoother complexion. Extra points if your moisturiser includes a sunscreen, especially if work outdoors. If you’re prone to dark circles or depe creases around your eyes, it may be worth also finding a specialist eye cream that – when used regularly (read” every day) can help minimise the appearance of both.

Sort out stray hairs

Eyebrows, nose and ears – make sure you take care of any strays to avoid looking like an old man before your time. Your brows don’t need to be overly-groomed to look good – just make sure they don’t meet in the middle and that the top and bottom lines are clean and straight. Ask your barber for help if you need it or a quick tidy up. And do we need to mention those errant ear and nose hair gentleman? Clean them up by using tweezers or a mini electric groomer.

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